Social media is really popular now and we have a lot of famous social media websites. These websites are playing an important role in different aspects. People use them to share their ideas and keep in touch with their friends and family members. They serve as important forums and reflect the general thinking of society. According to a research, social media is affecting politics and economics of a society now. Business persons are using these social media websites for the promotion of their business. They work as interactive platforms. However, beside many advantages, they face various threats as well. They face some security problems which are related to social media.


Here we are mentioning top 10 security problems with social media.

  1. Trojans: Trojan is a threat for all websites so social media websites are not an exception. They are a big threat for social media websites. But different websites take measures to stop their attack.

  2. Phishing bait: Some users of social media websites lose their accounts due to this Phishing bait. Media websites like Facebook has taken serious steps against them.

  3. Data leaks: A lot of people use social media website for sharing their information. But some users do not care and share important information about products, documents and organizational documents. So, different people attack these social media websites and steal this data, illegally.

  4. Shortened links: URL shortening services are used by different people, just to conserve their space. These links are quickly attacked by the people.

  5. Botnets: Last year authorities find out the some Twitter accounts are used to control botnets. IRC is the command channel for them. They are some serious danger for the social media websites. Networks like twitter have taken some serious steps to avoid issues like that.

  6. Advance threats: Advance Persistent Threats or APT are another danger for the social media websites. They collect personal information of high end users, like executives and officers and use this information to get access to other sensitive systems. Hence, providing an opportunity to the criminals.

  7. Cross – site request Forgery: it is not really a threat rather a technique, which is used to spread the viruses in social media websites. It attacks the long on information, which user provide to a social media website. A single click on an image will spread the threat to other users.

  8. Impersonation: prominent individuals like celebrities have a large number of followers. Hackers attack on the account of these prominent figures, so get information about their followers as well. The celebrities have no idea that their accounts are hacked and miss used. This is a big threat for social media websites.

  9. Trust: Users of social media websites really trust the website they use. People upload pictures and videos and trust all the links which they get. These links are not really good. Rather at times they contain some serious viruses.

  10. Viruses: viruses are a common problem with every website, so social media websites are not excepted.

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