Now a mobile user of any network can send upto 200SMS per day per SIM . Previously TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India)  had introduced the SMS limit upto 100SMS/Day . This made a great impact over the comsumer as they are limited to send only 100SMS per day. On 27th September when TRAI limited the SMS limit, service providers like VODAFONE, ARITEL and all those companies stopped offering unlimited packs or packs such as 28000SMS per month for rs99 or 8000SMS per month for rs45 . After that the Service Providers given 3000SMS per month or 100SMS per day. 

TRAI said on tuesday that the comsumer must be relaxed the limit of sending SMS per day to 200 . “The authority has received representations from some of the service providers and consumers to increase the limit of 100 SMS per day per SIM. The authority has considered these representations and decided to increase the limit of one hundred SMS per day per SIM to two hundred SMS per day per SIM,” Trai said in a statement.

Not the service proviers have already provided the new sms packs of 6000SMS per Month.

Noe atlast TRAI listened to the Comsumer and Increased the SMS limit to 200per day.

Thank You TRAI.

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