The world of internet has given many people the chance to communicate and do things everyone almost think to be impossible. With the possibilities around, one of the best that people got is the chance of editing their photos. On the other hand, there are just a whole lot of editing platforms. Most of them are not just for editing, but also a social network in one. It only means that, once you had your picture captured, you can edit it to the social network itself and share it with your friends and relatives.

Twitter New features in Instagram Battel

One of the best social networks with photo editing feature are Twitter and Instagram. Millions of people around the world are using Twitter and Intagram and it has been just recently that these two platforms are in the great battle. The mobile war in between the photo sharing services Twitter and Instagram is heating up. The long-standing micro-blogging champ has merely fired up its very own salvo right after Instagram merely drew a good line into the sand.

The popular photo retoucher Instagram simply made up its very own decision in parting way to be the coding backbone of Twitter, or API and slightly disabling how the images on Twitter has been filtered. It is merely shown in the stream of the Twitter, likely in an attempt of driving more and more traffic as well as social connectivities directly to their website. At some extent, this thing is understandable, not to mention that Instagram, as a popular image filtering website has been bought by Twitter Rival, which is Facebook right back from the month of April.

Photo filters

With that being said, Twitter was not going to just sit on their hands and watch their users to struck for making a choice between the networks. Now, the long-standing battle in between the social network biggest still continues. Twitter also had an image sharing as well as storing service of its very own for quite a while now. The only thing is that, there is no robust filtering system that is available for those of the tweeters. On Tuesday, Twitter mainly stood up to Facebook and Instagram’s strategical moves and they simply rolled out the filtering service of their own, which also happens to be a look alike of Instagram. Whenever you just updated your Twitter application upon your Smartphone, recently, you will definitely see extra menu items whenever you try to tweet and share your photos to your friends and followers.

In order to use the service, you only have to start your tweet just like the way you use to. You need to take a photo or use the one from your apps. After taking the photo, you will surely get the simple and easy menu that will definitely let you crop and filter your photos. Right after the primary crop, you could see the filters all at once on the table view or just flip through the filters with just a swipe of the thumb. The swiping feature is somewhat nice, for the reason that the option of the photos is a bit larger.

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