SEO is keyword driven because keywords connect you to the audience. To succeed in SEO, you have to gain wide outreach that increases the visibility of your website for which you have to bank for the right keywords. Which keywords to choose is an essential decision for marketers. With wide outreach in mind, it makes sense to rely on the powers of long tail keywords.  Keywords show the way to reach the top rungs of search results and long tail keywords have exceptional powers to help achieve the goals of high rankings.  This has become more important because SEO has evolved over time and Google has thrown out the nasty tricks of keyword stuffing into the trash bin.

Today, you have to use few but high impacting keyword phrases that can widen the search horizon and pinpoint the questions that arise in the minds of the audience. Just as Google pays more importance to understand the user intention behind searches, you must also adopt the same line for the same purpose. Against this backdrop, specific keywords become useless as it does not capture the user intent and leave options open for search engines that make it difficult to dish out the most appropriate search result. Therefore, turning to long tail keywords is the only way to impress search engines and users alike and connect closely with the audience. This is applicable across the globe from San Francisco to Tokyo, cutting across the continents.   In this article, we will discuss why long tail keywords should be your favourite choice for launching a strong SEO campaign.

Long tail keywords could make you a winner

Keyword strategies are still important, but you have to change your perception about keywords. Then only, you would discover that focusing on long tail keywords give better SEO returns than relying on top keywords in your business niche.  The only way to overtake competition is to create keyword strategies that revolve around long tail keywords because studies have revealed that whether optimized or not, long tail keywords have a much higher impact on search rankings than single word keywords.

All websites vie for the first five spots in SERP, and the competition is so intense that only the companies with strong financial muscles and a big brother attitude in the industry dominate the top ranks. Others have to remain contended with the lower spots and should be happy if they manage to find a place on the first page of the search results. To overcome the problem, start using long tail keywords that tend to be more specific but face lower competition. However, you have to be smart enough to identify the niche keywords that the audience is fond of and optimize the pages for those keyword phrases.

Understand searches in a better way

For the best SEO results, you have to align your campaign in a way so that it reaches closest to the heart of the audience. This is possible when you can synchronize the campaign with the search trends that help to understand the motive or intention of users behind the searches. Once you know what users are searching, it becomes easier to create the most appropriate content that makes them happy. By targeting long tail keywords, it becomes easy to get closer to the searchers’ intent because searchers use long tail keywords for searching the internet.  To figure out the impact of long tail keywords, compare the effects of searching with keywords ‘search engine optimization’ and ‘mobile search engine optimization’ in searches. The latter returns a more specific and precise answer to the query.

Faceless competition in selecting keywords

Long tail keywords are viable alternatives to keywords that face stiff competition.  If you are competing for words like ‘vacation’ or ‘real estate’ you would find it almost impossible to make a dent with it in the face of the onslaught from bigger players. Instead, you could still stay very close to the chosen keyword but avoid the competition if you tweak it a little and make it ‘Florida based vacation’  or ‘ Santa Maria real estate.’ There would be a considerable reduction in search volume for the long tail keywords due to the tweaking, but it would still hold bright prospects for SEO.

Improved ranking for all pages

Search engines prefer searches that are more natural and intuitive and imitate the spoken words. The trend has been going on for some time and likely to increase now that Google has started to give more emphasis to voice searches. Search engines are now capable of handling spoken words whether it appears in print or spoken over the microphone of the device used for searching. Search engines are better equipped to handle searches that resemble spoken words because when searchers use more words in searches, it helps to explain the user intention much better. Since Google wants to provide the best result that depends on proper understanding of user intention, it gives more importance to natural sounding searches.  If you follow the searching trends and choose long tail keywords, it would become easier to find a place in the top order of the search results.

Enjoy more conversions

In the end, everything boils down to conversions in SEO because it generates revenue. What sense would it make to perform well in SEO if it does not set moneybags ringing for business owners?  Long tail keywords are winners in this respect also because of its ability to generate more conversions.  Long tail keywords influence buyers who are at an advanced stage in the purchasing funnel, having already done a lot of groundwork and taken a decision about buying.  When they reach your website, there are high chances that they would buy from it. Although the traffic flow from long tail keywords might not be very impressive, the higher rate of conversion makes it much more effective in providing returns.

The long tail keyword is nothing new, but you need to have a new look at your keyword strategy to give more focus to it.