Windows is the de facto operating system choice for around 90% of the world’s population. There’s something about windows that just makes it easy to use. It’s the widespread availability and easily available support which makes Windows the platform of choice for all of the users. Windows has seen major changes since the time Windows 8 had been launched. People were met with an OS that was brand new, shining. But it was something that they were not familiar with and the end result was that it ended up with feeble adoption rates and people didn’t appreciate the time and effort put into it. Microsoft tried to resolve some of the issues with its Windows 8.1 update but they were not much in terms of design changes. Though the 8.1 update made windows faster and even more secure users wanted the Start menu back. It was something they were used to. Many free wares came up which claimed to bring back the start menu functionality. I myself use one of them called StartMenu8.  Rumour has it that Windows 9 which is also being called as “Threshold” is going to incorporate the old start menu back along with the custom Windows 8 start menu layout which is the new theme (earlier known as the metro UI). A recent report by ZDnet also claims the same.

The features which are being touted for Windows 9 also include the ability to shift desktop layouts with the changing user input methods. For instance, if a user has a mouse and a keyboard connected then the system will automatically show/boot into the traditional windows desktop layout by default. If a person has a touch input or is on a tablet pc then he would be shown the Modern UI along with the live tiles.

Apart from that, you can always switch things on/off manually which is always offered in Windows. The new start menu is going to be the one feature that everyone loves for this Windows.

windows 9

Among the rumours rampant online, one of them is being actively discussed. It’s about the ability to kill the Metro UI fully. The system will boot straight into the desktop and the Metro UI can be completely disabled fully. Windows 9 is all about giving the user more control.

The final release versions are said to come in the spring of 2015 while the pre-release versions might come up by the end of this year!

Windows 9 has cropped up its head in the server logs, Windows 9 Build Number 6.4.9788.0 has appeared a few times in the server logs in the Windows store app and according to a latest report by International business times and we can expect more such releases to show up in the wild anytime soon.

Also among the long list of rumours, one of the major points of speculation is that Windows 9 is rumoured to be a free update to existing Windows 8.1 users. Apart from that it’s also being rumoured that the basic functional Windows 9 would be free while the versions with more features and powerful functionality would be set for purchase through Windows Store.

The expected time for Windows 9’s release is said to be around 2015. So, there’s a lot of time for more rumours and bloopers. But these are among the ones which have been confirmed for the future releases and we can hope to soon see the leaked builds of the final version.

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