An edge that parents today have is that there is so much technology available to help with raising children. This is not to discount earlier practices wherein parents stick to traditional methods of educating and disciplining children, but it doesn’t make sense to not use what’s available. Ideally, a good balance of new and old may just prove to be rewarding for both parent and child.

All parents have different styles of raising their children, but here are some tips that you may find useful if you’re open to using technology and the internet to help you out:

Get toll free numbers

You may think that 800 phone numbers are exclusively for the use of businesses and organizations but you are mistaken. Enterprises usually get vanity numbers but a parent can always get a number that their children can call from anywhere for free during emergencies. Just think about it; when your kid is off in college or in boarding school having a way to contact you for free makes them feel safe and that you want to hear from them. If you have a toddler or small child, you can ask them to memorize a vanity number so they can call you easily or tell and adult what number to call. Another use for this is that you can hold it over your older children’s heads that they have to call you since it’s free.

Get them entry-level smartphones

There are a lot of inexpensive options for smartphones in the market. Samsung’s Galaxy Y is a great device for kids to use. They’ll appreciate the Android phone and you can also use it to delegate chores or remind them of things that need to be done. Make sure you require them to have a particular app like Wunderlist or Remember the Milk so you can give them chores or tasks to do through the app. Tell them that you require them more responsibility since you trust them with a smartphone.

Take a casual interest in their social media accounts and statuses

Kids these days are all about Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you can monitor their accounts or see their wall so you know the people they are talking to online. Be sure to comment on their statuses once in a while in a friendly and supportive manner so that they know they have to be responsible on the internet but at the same time know that their parents give them love and attention.

Set a schedule for internet usage

This can be tricky since the age of your child may play into a factor here. What’s more, most kids rely on the internet to do their research, so you should be able to give them enough freedom to do that but at the same time make sure they don’t sleep at three in the morning.

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