There are few websites such ad Flippa where user can Buy and Sell their Websites easily . One has to regiser himself in that website and have to Give the details of the website he want to sell. Its very easy to do that. But what if someone want to manually buy a Website from a Person. There are many chances for that person to get cheated in such trasactions.

So here I have listed 4 Steps which when followed then there is a less chance for getting cheated.

1. Get the domain transferred to your account first.

***Many scammers send the database first and take the money. Later they never transfer the domain. See, you can’t do anything with the database as even if you use that database with a new domain, it will be marked as “duplicate content” by Google since the scammer is already having the original domain with original content. HENCE, IT”S IMPORTANT to get the domain first so that even if he does not transfer the database later, you can simply copy contents from Google Cache and publish in the site. As this domain used to have those old cached contents, you will remain in the safe side.***

2. Release 50% Payment.

3. Get the database and all associated files transferred to you.

4. Release remaining 50% Payment.

P.S – Before dealing with the person, take his mobile number, have a talk with him, and keep that number safely for future usages.

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