If you’re a working mom, your day can get pretty hectic. Even if you have household help, there are so many details that you have to oversee, or else one of your kids, your husband, or your job might suffer. Understandably, you make mistakes, forget something or get stressed out. It would be great if you avoided this somehow, so to help you out, here are some tips for you to consider as you go about your day as a superwoman:

Time management is the key-

When you have so much to do during the day, you need a schedule. Allot a reasonable amount of time for each task and decide earlier than the actual day just how hectic you think it’s going to be. Set the pace for the day and stick to it. If you get the scheduling right, you may not even have to be rushing since you’ve made sure that you have given everything its own time.

Eat breakfast-

This meal is easily overlooked in favor of your family’s own breakfast. Ideally, you should eat breakfast at most an hour after you wake up to receive its actual benefits. Make it a big meal so you have enough energy for the day. Fix yourself some cereal to make it easy or just double up on whatever you’re packing the kids or partner for lunch.

Get a good night’s sleep-

Sometimes, you forgo some hours of sleep to get started on tomorrow’s task or to spend the extra energy you seem to always have as long as you have to do something for the kids or your family. Try to avoid this and get some rest instead. Even if you have more to do the next day, you have more energy for it. Working on a task on overtime may cost you tomorrow’s energy.

 Use a smartphone-


Take advantage of what technology can do for you. Aside from the mobile carrier you use, you have a lot of apps that can help you get through the day. If your office uses a VoIP service provider, you can access your office phone even while you’re at home for days where you really can’t make it to the office. A great to-do app and list app can save your day and make sure everything gets done.

Set aside some time for yourself-

How long this break will be is up to you. What matters is that you give yourself this time and not compromise. Make sure that everyone in the family knows that you’re unavailable during this period but you’ve made all the effort to make sure that they’re covered and prepared.Tips for the working mom

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