If you’re hoping to start an ecommerce store, you should know in advance that good products are only half the battle. There are a variety of tips, tricks and business strategies that you should be utilizing for a growing business, and wielding them effectively can mean the difference between a successful start-up and a brand that crashes and burns. Here are just five ways to ensure that your ecommerce store is one of the former.


1: Social Media

If you aren’t advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’re missing out on serious opportunities for interactive and cross-cultural advertising. On the flip side, if you’re only advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you should be aware that you’re also ignoring the markets offered by YouTube, Vine, Google+, Pinterest and Snapchat.

2: Mobile Accessibility

According to research surveys, as many as 93 percent of users who browse products via mobile wind up purchasing them on the same device. This means your ecommerce site needs to work on smartphones and tablets just as well as laptops. Hire a coder or software developer who can create a pared-down, mobile-friendly version of your online catalogue.

3: Clear Graphics

Bad or poorly lit pictures won’t inspire anyone to buy the products depicted. Customers want bright, clear and high-quality examples of what they’re about to buy, and they don’t want them to take long to load, either. You should also make sure your images come with zooming and rotating capabilities so shoppers can see the item from every angle.

4: Good Navigation

All ecommerce stores should come with either a drop-down menu or navigational sidebar. This will allow users to browse with ease, especially if you’ve divided your products into categories that they can explore. Never force your customers to use their back buttons. Always have a search box available on every page.

5: Strong Incentives

Why should people shop with you instead of your competitors? Do you have lower prices on similar items? Do you offer free or discounted shipping? Can they sign up for a loyalty program with even bigger savings? Give people a reason to keep coming back.

If you’re serious about making your mark in the virtual market, these are just five tactics that you should give some thought. Running an ecommerce store isn’t easy, but these secrets will lessen the burden and help you get your business off the ground once and for all.