Many of us have personal Computers and Laptops and mostly we used to play Games and Movies. But after using some days or months the computer become slow and it takes some more time to Login , Logoff or to Open any Program. After getting rid of it mostly they format their computer and they loose most of their installed software. But I want to give you Some Tips after following you can make your Computer Fast as it was when you have bought. These are very Simple Tips which will help you and can protect your Data.


Empty the TEMP Directory

Temp directory in a Directory created in OS Drive (especially c: ) , these are the created when system crashes, locks up, or gets turned off while you have open files. Whenever you open a Program it checks the temp directory if there are any files saved or not. That is the reason programs take a bit time to Load. While Installing some software the installer files are sometimes saved in Temp directory. You can Delete the Temp Files and it will increase some memory space and you can increase the speed.


To Delete all the files from TEMP Directory simply Goto Start and search for RUN (in Windows 7) , or click on the RUN button in the start panel (Windows XP) and type %temp% then the temporary directory will be opened and select all files and Click on Shift+Delete and confirm. After that you will see some increase in the Speed of your computer.


Delete Internet Temp Files

While we surf the Internet all the time all the cookies, temporary images gets downloaded and stored in the Computer as Temporary Internet Files. If you are using BroadBand connection then you need to clear your Temporary Files on regular basis so that you can get newer images from the website if it is uploaded newly.

internet temp files

To delete the Temporary Files click on Control Panel, Click on Internet Option, Under the general tab click on the Delete Option,After that select the Temporary Files, Cookies and History Options and click on the delete option. Thats it.


Check Your Harddisk for Error

Physical Disk checking attempts to repair the bad sectors of the computer and if there are any bad sector then it tries to move the files to good sector of the disk and keep it safe.

check harddisk for error

To Check Bad sectors of any drive. Open My Computer, Right Click on c: and click on properties. After the Properties Tool Box is opened click on the Tools Tab and select the Check Now option and click on Start to run the Test.

Defragment your Hard Drives

In order to Increase the performance of your Computer then this is one of the most important step to follow. When you run a computer for long time and after Deleting and Creating files, the your drive become fragmented.

defragmentation of hard drives

To Defragment your Hard Drive Open my Computer , Right Click on c: and click on properties. Then Click on the Tool tab and click on Defragment Now option, select the drive and click on Defragment Disk.

Remove Startup Programs from MSCONFIG

When you turn On your Computer , many unnecessary processes starts with it and runs in the background all the time. They usually consume memory. These processes are Updates, or Downloaders, Chat Clients etc.


In order to remove those you need to Click on Start > Run (or simply click on Windows +R )  , type msconfig , it will open msconfig dialog box. Goto Startup tab and uncheck those items which you think consumes memory and you don’t need to run it while system startup. After that click on Ok .


If you will Follow these 5 Steps then you will Definitely see changes in the Performance of the Computer.