Live collaboration is one of the significant and most useful features of PowerPoint 2013, the latest version of presentation work suite. You can seamlessly collaborate with your colleague, clients or friends and make changes to it, simultaneously.newdocs_presentation

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Reviewing modifications:

The new comment option enables making comments and notes on the presentations to bring them to the notice of your colleagues working on the presentation. Comments are pretty useful to keep track of the slides, especially, if your presentation is sized like a mammoth with numerous slides.

Declining or Accepting modifications:

By declining modifications the presentation retains the earlier version of it and by accepting them the changes become incorporated. To either accept or decline modification made by others users working on the presentation, In the Review tab, Choose ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ options respectively.

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Ending review:

End Review option is used at the final stage after all the modifications have been made, to end the review process. Modifications can’t be undo’ed after this stage,  changes become permanent. It’s advisable to backup earlier versions of your presentation, just in case you wish to revert back to an earlier version, later.

Collaboration teamed up with review options is a seamless way to assign work to your employees or work with your friends simultaneously. Earlier, you had to send the .PPT file to each member and it was too difficult to stay in track of changes.

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