Lemme say you, there are Thousands of Engineering Colleges in India and they are growing. But the Growth rate of Job Opportunities are not growing at such a High rate. So, Finding a Job is one of the biggest problem after completing your Studies. One of my friend also had such problem after completing Engineering.

I suggested him to Start Looking at LinkedIn, to increase connection so that he can know the Job opportunities. I helped him for optimizing his profile and increasing connecting and guess what, after 3months he got a Job at a Mobile Webapp Development Company as he was good in Graphics designing.

So, I want to share some tips for 100% ROI on your LinkedIn account.

So, He got a JOB through LinkedIn from Likan Patra
  1. COMPLETE- The first thing you have to do is to Complete your Linkedin Profile and customize your Public profile because that is the one which is Visible to People and when someone search in Google, can find you.
  2. OPTIMIZE- Use Keywords to Optimize your profile. Keywords are those words that describes you such as “webdesigner” “java programmer” etc , so that recruiters can search you.
  3. CONNECT- Connect with Different Company pages which will Increase your change of being found.
  4. NETWORK- Connect with your Friends, Colleagues, customers to increase your influence.
  5. ASK- Never ask for job directly to any company. Rather ask for Advice within your connection. Ask Job to your close friends only.
  6. LISTEN- Target your favorite companies and listen to them.
  7. FOLLOW- There are always change in Job Opportunities, as they change regularly. Follow companies so that your can know the change in your Looking Job Opportunities.
  8. INCREASE- When you connect with Companies, linkedin suggest you some other companies too. Explore them and increase your Targeted Companies.
  9. LEARN- Check profiles of some Successful profiles and try to get inspired from them. Check activities of Successful professionals in your Industry.
  10. STATUS- Join groups and request for recommendations. Also give suggestion to others in Different groups discussions.

So, Follow these 10 Rules to successfully get a Job at Linkedin. Goahead and make a 100% ROI of your Linkedin profile.