How to Convert a Nano Sim from Mini Sim at Home

In India Technology Market in Growing with a Rapid rate. With the Increase in Demand of Mobile Phones such as Apple iPhone, Samung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia etc. Of them, there is a High Demand of Apple products such as iPhone 5. But in India not all Mobile Network Companies manufacture Micro Sim or Nano Sim. So how can I use a Micro Sim or Nano Sim of a Operator who is not Manufacuring it? Now I am going to Show you how to Create a Nano or Micro Sim from a General Mini Sim by Cutting it.

How to Cut Out a Nano Sim / Micro Sim from Mini Sim

It is an Very Easy Method to Cut a Mini Sim to make an Nano / Micro Sim.
Download the Printable Image Below to your Desktop and Print it by Sclaing it to 100% as it has the Cutting Scales into an A4 Size Paper. Just click on the Image below and you will get the actual/Full Size.

Here are the Instructions-

  • Print this page at 100% scale on a A4 page.
  • Fix your SIM card with double-sided tape to this template.
  • Use a ruler and a marker to draw the cut lines onto your SIM card.
  • Cut your SIM card along the drawn lines using scissors. Cutting contacts usually does not impact functionality as the actual ship below is much smaller.
  • Round the edges by grinding them with sandpaper or a file.

Thats it. Now you can Use the General Mini SIM as a Micro SIM or Nano SIM.

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