Google Docs is the easiest way to create a Form, Doc, Spreadsheet online easily for free and store them in the Cloud , share it with everyone too. You can create Awesome forms using Google Docs. Here I want to show you how to create a Form using Google Drive Easily. No need to learn any code to use this. This is very user friendly.


Below there is a Video tutorial which explains your fully.

In Order to create a Form you need to Login into your Google Drive account using your Google Login Details. After login in you can find a Create button. Click on it and Select Form from the Option.


After Selecting a New Tab will be opened with some awesome design of Forms. Select the one you like to use. As all are free you any of them.



After Selecting your Theme click on Ok option and you will find the Options to set such as Title of the Form, Form Description. Add as much as options such as Checkbox, Text box , text field etc.



If you want to add more options then you can easily add by clicking on the Add button and selecting your required option. After Done everything you can now save the form and click on the Done option . It will give you a like which will start as…… . All you need is to save this link and send it to your friends so that they can response to your form easily.

After everything is done, Google creates a Response Spreedsheet in the drive where you can check the responses easily .


The best part of Google Forms is that any one can post anonymously in the Drive.

Here is a Video Tutorial where you can know everything clearly-