Now a Days the number of Fake Accounts are increasing rapidly at a high rate from which it is very difficult to know whether a Account is fake or real. Whenever you recieve a friend request whether it is a account of a friend or not. I have recieved about 50 friend requests last month but out of them about 20 are fake. I want to tell you about the method using which I found whether a account is Fake or not. Fake profiles on such networking sites are a big headache and no one has a control over it.

How to Identify a Fake Account in Facebook

Here are some tips to Identify a Fake Account.

1. Profile Picture – Most of the fake profile add photo of a Professional Models. It must contain a single picture and that must be too beautiful picture.

2. Many Males – There must be thousands of Friends and most of them must be Male.

3. How old is the account – Check when is the Account is created. If the account is new and have lot of friends then it is most likely a fake one.

4. Analyze the Friend List – If a Person have a lot of Different type of Friends scattered all over the world, thinking that it is a fake profile is reasonable.

5. Facebook Album- Most of the Fake Accounts are Open to everyone. It may contain a lot of pictures but they would not have tags indicating other profiles. They may also contain really tiny photos.

6. Half/Meaningless Filled Profile – Fake account creator dont have much time to fill all the details of a account. You must check that.

7. Favorite Pages- Most of the Fake Profiles have atmost 20 fevorite Pages.

8. Status Update – Most fake account users dont update their status. Most of them share fake websites.


I suggest all my friends to check before adding Friends in Facebook.

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