How to save your wet cell phone

If you happen to drop your cell phone in a sink or in a water tank, you are still in position to save your cell phone if you undertake the following steps.

  • Take out the cell phone from water immediately before it gets completely soaked in. Although, the case of cell phones are fairly tight enough to allow water to seep inside. Yet, if it remains in water for more than 20 seconds, water may ingress to hard core of the device.  However,  make sure not to switch off  your phone immediately after taking out from water as it may incur short circuit, instead try to dry it immediately whether it is working or not.
  • In case you are not able to retrieve your phone from the water immediately try to remove the battery from the cell phone, while if it still submerged in water because mostly the damages happen only when it is connect to the power source. Once you remove the battery, may be you can save your phone drastically.
  • Generally SIM CARD   is not damaged by water so try to retrieve it from water immediately once take from water. Now, just pad it dry and leave it aside until you activate the telephonic services. This step is not applicable in CDMA phones since they don’t have SIM card technology, which can be regained.
  • If possible remove phone cover and try to wipe off as much water as possible by using dry towel or paper towel without clogging the gaps and grooves in the phone. Avoid shaking phone vigorously because this may spread water throughout the phone.  However after removing battery form the phone, you may clean it with pure alcohol spray and remove all the moisture soaked in your cell phone.
  • You may suck all the liquid inside your phone by using vacuum cleaner and holding it over your cell phone for around 20minutes.This is one of the fastest methods that can completely dry your phone and get it in working condition within next 30 minutes.  However care should  be taken to not to hold the vacuum cleaner too near to the cell  phone as vacuum create static charge which is even more dangerous and  can damage your cell phone entirely.
  • Use substance that has high affinity with water. Well! Rice or silica can be a good option. Just drop in your cell phone in bowl or bag of rice overnight. This will soak all the remaining moisture from your phone.
  • Once it is all around the clock, don’t forget to test your phone. Try switching it off or on and find out if it works fine. If the phone still does not work with attached battery then you should try plugging it to charger. Charger here acts as a new battery and you will get to know that your phone is ultimately saved or not.

Thus, even if your phone is slipped in the water tank, don’t get panicky and try to follow these days steps. Who knows you can still save your wet phone.

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