Almost 70% of youth are having own Desktop / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone that they use to access Internet.

The sales of Computer or Computer related stuffs are Growing Day to day. This indicates that more and more people are getting devices that will help then not to go to Cyber Cafe. Even if you don’t have a System / Laptop, chances is much higher that your bro / Sis / Close friend has it and you would prefer to use that device rather than in Cyber Cafe.


Cybercafé Industry is seeing a decline in growth since 2008-09, In my town almost 80-85% cyber cafes are closed right now. Only 15-20% are running in a miserable condition.

Internet Cafe Usage

Always invest in business that will be in demand in coming years, else you will regret after sometime.

The business which wont go out of vogue, food, fashion, beauty, medicine, other than that everything and everyone has limited shelf time.

If you have planned to Start a Cyber Cafe or currently running a Cyber Cafe then here are Some Tips for an Successful Run of an internet Cafe-

1. Your price should be Competitive – You may have used latest gadget such as Mouse, keyboard etc. but the Price should is less as per the competition in the market. Go with the majority market price.

2. Good Customer Services – Most of the people who come to Internet Cafe don’t know how to run Internet correctly. Help them to Book their Ticket, login to their account etc. Always try to help them and do Social Services.

3. The Room should be Comfortable – The Place where the Customer will Sit should be spacious and comfortable for the customer because they usually sit for a long time. If you have a Comfort Environment then you can get Good Internet Cafe customers.

4. Well Maintained Computers – Keep all the Computers Virus Free and Spam free and remove all the unwanted softwares and keep all the Software up-to-date. It will make sure to the customer that the computers are safer to use.


5. Fast Internet Connection – Use High Speed broadband connection may be wired or wireless so that it will be easy to use. If you have 5computers then prefer for 512kbps connection or if you have 10computers then prefer for 1mbps and so on.

6. All Parts should Work Properly – Make sure that all the Parts of the Computers including Mouse, keyboard, Headphone, USB Ports etc. are working properly for not. If any part is defective then replace it.

7. Cleanliness is Godliness – Always clean the Table, Monitor and different parts. If your Competitor’s chop is dirty then you can win the customer’s heart easily.

8. Additional Services to the Customers – In addition you must also provide value added services like Xerox, Fax, Print Outs, Booking Train / Flight tickets, Selling Pen Drives, CD’s, Lamination Works etc.

9. The Cafe should be located in suitable Location- If your cyber cafe is in a place where there are many bachelors, college goers, mansions, lodges etc.; or may be near to a college / school; then there is a good chance that you might make some decent money.

10. Some non tech Products – Along with the internet Cafe if you provide Snacks such as Chips, Cold drinks, Ice-cream, Coffee then it will also attract customers and they will sit for long time.

If you follow these steps then make sure that you will definitely run your Business Successfully.