Molds area big problem with HVACs. Not one home in a hot and humid zone would be left to complain of this serious issue after using their central air conditioning system for few years. Rather any ducted system can have this problem, and not just the HVACs. Hence, it’s good to know the basics of cleaning, and the precautions you can take than to repent later with hundreds of health issues.

Health issues you are bound to face with mold in your HVAC

There are many health issues you would be gradually facing with a mold infestation in the air ducts of your HVAC system. It may start with simply bad odor and irritation in the eyes and nose. The irritation may be such that you would feel a burning sensation on the skin, the eyes, and the noses initially. This means, all the body parts, which are sensitive with a covering of epithelial cells would react against the spores of molds in the air, and develop allergies. The result of the allergies would be this irritation and be burning in the first place.

The next issues would be more allergies in the form of a cough and cold, sneezing, rashes, etc. which do not go away when you are inside the house, or in some of the specific rooms or areas in the house. Those places which would have the molds and spores will make the body react. The problem may develop into chronic and may increase with time if you do not realize the underlying causative factors.

Gradually breathing troubles, asthma, and other problems may develop. Teary eyes, runny nose, allergies and all, can make staying in a house with mold infested ducted air conditioning really difficult!

How to detect molds in the HVAC air ducts?

Molds can be detected in the HVAC air ducts by simply smelling the air. The quality of smell tells the presence of molds. When there would be molds in the air would smell musky and bad. This musky sodden smell means there is this problem with the air ducts and vents of the AC.

Therefore, it’s best to rely on the nose to detect the molds. Visual symptoms are often found too. But they are found when the problem is in the worst stage. The molds would appear visually over the AC unit, the vents, the corner or openings of ducts, and even on the walls near the AC. When you see such growths, it can be alarming. But you need not panic.

The solution

As you ask how to get rid of mold in air ducts, the simple answer would be professional mold cleaning services would be the best. Professionals would work in such a way that they will not just clean the molds but would ensure that the ducts are totally free form spores, dry, and do not get infected again so quickly.


Obviously, you will have to maintain hygiene and services on the system at regular intervals to keep up this cleanliness and hygiene so that molds do not come back.