Switch Off Your Phone Before Charging it at a Public Placed Charging Booth. [Must Read]

Most of the time we dont take our chargers while travelling because we find it in most of the public places like Hotels, Malls or in Railways and Airports. So whenever we need to make some imortant call we usually charge our phone there. Right?

But do you know that by doing so all our private data such as Phone numbers, images and text messeges are at a risk of being stolen or even a virus can be uploaded to your phone.
A public phone charging booth have a power code or a USB charger which let you charge your phone, if you are using a USB charger then there is a high risk of the your data to be stolen.

But dont worry I will not tell you not to charge your mobile phone in the public place. It has a solution-
To keep your phone safe from this secure while charging at a public place, try to use a power cord instead of a USB charger and always switch off your mobile phone completely before you plug it into the charging port.


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