Unless for students that buy thesis paper online, most learners use technology tools to write thesis. Thesis writing is generally a long and stressful process. It entails handling and working with a lot of information. Even for smart students, keeping everything organized while composing a brilliant paper is not easy. Generally, almost every student seeks help with a thesis paper and most learners benefit from the available technology tools. This article highlights some of the technology tools that will help you with your thesis paper writing.

BibMe Referencing Tool

A thesis paper is not a story for a learner to simply churn in the way they desire. It’s an end product of extensive field research. When writing a thesis paper, you must follow a specific format. You also need to borrow information from the existing publications. However, you should not present this information like it’s your own ideas. You must cite or reference your sources and that’s where this tool comes in. This tool teaches different writing styles in academic including MLA and Chicago. It also teaches you to format your thesis papers.

University Website

A university website is a technology tool that provides tips and guides for students when writing a thesis paper. For instance, this tool can have information on how to plan an argument, how to make an argument in a thesis paper, and how to present supporting evidence. Such information enables learners to organize and present information in a way that is acceptable in the academic world.

Google Scholar

This is almost the same as BibMe. The only difference is that it is used differently. This tool allows you access to several papers that other scholars have written. However, there are cases when owners of these publications ask for payment but some are available for use free of charge. Essentially, this tool provides citation functionality. You simply need to navigate to the ‘cite’ link and choose a reference that suits your formatting or writing style.


When writing your thesis, you will conduct extensive research. It’s important to ensure that you won’t lose important information. Mendeley enables you to keep your research together. It also allows you to access it when necessary. Essentially, this technology tool makes referencing easier.

Citation Generator

You already know that you must use sources to compose a thesis paper. And, you must cite your sources properly in your thesis paper. If you don’t do that, you will lose marks or even face penalty for plagiarizing other people’s work. This tool enables you to get your citations right.

Easy Word Count

This is a tool that enables you to keep track of the length of your thesis paper. There is a reason why educators or employers like Writers Department specify the word count for each write-up. Therefore, to make sure that you are not overly detailed or off topic in your writing, use this tool. Simply paste your thesis paper in the provided space and this tool will give you the exact word count.


Any form of academic writing entails taking notes. However, humans tend to forget very easily. That’s where this tool comes in. Evernote is compatible with mobile devices like your Smartphone and computers. With this tool, you can create notes and save them. Your notes can include screenshots, photographs, and web pages that you intend to use later while writing your thesis paper.


If you are new to thesis writing, you definitely need sample thesis papers to guide you. Buying sample papers may not be an option for you due to financial constraints. Paperity is a technology tool that allows you access to open access papers and journals. It also keeps you updated on the latest discoveries.


This is a Google app that integrates different Google docs. This enables you to construct or organize your research and schedules better. With Google Smartsheet, you can save, access, and edit files while scheduling or setting your daily objectives.


This online tool enables you to edit different documents at a go. It also enables you to separate your research into different sections. This makes organizing information on a computer screen easier. It also enables you to access the data that you need with ease. This streamlines your thesis writing process.

Basically, these are great technology tools for students and even a work from home writer. Try some of them when writing your thesis to make your work easier.