Content Marketing is the creating, publishing and distributing the content to the target audience online. In a marketing and consumer behavior cycle of a consumer purchase decision the content marketing must serve each and every stage of a customer’s journey. Content Marketing refers to the creation and sharing of online material such as blogs, articles, posts, GIFs, images and videos that tend to stimulate the interest of a potential customer attracting them towards the product or service.  Same is the case with content marking. Your writings must be able to create interest and persuade the readers and visitors toward the high quality produced content. Writing also requires content checking and there are a number of grammar checkers available on the internet. Therefore, one must go through the list of tools to improve the content marketing efforts. There are a number of the best online grammar checker tools that make content marking easier and look more strategic.

Now let us get into the list of tools to improve the content marketing efforts.

The most important things are the use of language. The proper use of language leaves a lasting impact on the audience. However, improper language and a language full of errors and multiple mistakes can leave a negative image on the audience one is trying to communicate to.

  1. Grammarly: Grammarly is an internet famous, comprehensive, free and easy to use online grammar check tools and website that is trustfully used by more than 10 million people worldwide including students, writers, teachers, professionals, etc. Grammarly not only is a grammar check tool but it also has a spelling check, punctuation check, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary enhancement options as well.

Besides, Grammarly also offers a software extension of its grammar checker that can be added to any browser and any operating system such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Grammarly extension can be added to any operating system or any browser that can be used for corrections, which will auto correct many mistakes made while typing.

  1. Punctuation: It is another crucial English Language tool that may make or distort the meaning for a phrase or sentence using punctuation marks. Punctuation Check is a free and an online accessible website for students and writers that can help in making corrections for punctuation mistakes that they make, that may become grammar mistakes in the long term.

Punctuation Check uses 3rd party premium services to give you a free report on your grammar and punctuation errors. Punctuation Check also provides quick lessons on misspelled words as well as corrections on the wrong placement of punctuation marks such as comma, full stop, question mark, exclamation marks, inverted commas, hyphen, colon, semi-colon, etc. Punctuation Checker also corrects grammatical mistakes in the content other than correcting the punctuation mistakes only.


The placement of punctuation marks is very important in the English language as the wrong placement of punctuation marks leading to punctuation mistakes change the sense and meaning of the sentences. Punctuation marks give sentences the feelings, emotions, and tone in the written communication, which is the part that is covered by the tone of the voice, facial expressions and body language during the verbal communication.

  1. Google Docs: It is an excellent word processing tool that is frequently used by people all over the world. Google Docs has become a replacement for many old word processing tools. This is because Google Docs allows one to access their writing project on separate computers and see the real-time changes made into the document. Moreover, the documents can be shared, read, used and edited by people at the same time. Besides, there is no need to worry about saving the changes made in the document because the changes are saved automatically.
  2. Readability Score: It is an online internet based application that can help to determine the readability of the content. Readability Score is a web-based application that helps to improve the writing by measuring the readability of the content. The readability score tells you that how much easy is the content to read and to what extent the level of education that is required to make the content more understandable for understanding.
  3. Online sentence structure tool: An online sentence structure tool that can make one’s writing easier and readable is The Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor. is an online editor that highlights complex and lengthy sentences and highlights the errors in different colors for the sake of correction. The yellow color highlight specifies long sentences, which require shortening or splitting. The red highlight on the sentences specifies that the sentences are very dense and complicated and require to be simplified for increasing the understandability. The Hemington Editor highlights adverbs, passive voice, dull and complicated words.