Playing into the psychology of viewers should be topmost in the minds of web designers because how the visitors feel on the first visit to the website creates the most important first impression. Since the first impression can make or break sites, web designers have to strike the right chords with the audience by appealing to their emotions. Therefore, creating good looking and highly functional websites is not the only target for designers, but they must also elicit the right emotion so that visitors feel interested in spending more time on the website, consume the content and take some positive action. When choosing the WordPress theme for your site, make sure that it helps to address these issues. Consider the design elements of the WordPress theme from the psychological perspective instead of focusing too much on functionality.

The target of web designers is to create visually compelling websites that keep visitors engaged for long hours and encourage them to return to it. You have to know the most impacting areas of web design that influences the visitors’ psychology by using appropriate tools that help to gain mileage from the web design. Read on to know the high impacting elements of web design that you must focus on.

Content presentation

Content provides a purpose to the website by providing information that visitors find relevant and useful. Visitors would like to have the convenience and ease of finding the right information easily. Web designers are responsible for attractively presenting the content by understanding the information that the content carries and the psyche of the visitors so that they can figure out the best ways of presenting it. Just cramming pages with content would result in viewers losing interest because they would have to browse through the content extensively to locate the relevant pieces of information that interest them. The stressful exercise leads to an unpleasant experience that could turn them away.

The web designer should organize the content and present it in such way that despite providing adequate information the most relevant ones should catch the eye quickly. Being able to find information quickly would make visitors happy that generates good feeling and keeps up the interest in coming back again.

Space utilization

Organizing content and other pieces of graphic design on a web page are significant because it influences the feeling of the visitor. When designing websites and organizing content, designers have to make proper use of white space. Leaving unused space is a decision that the designer has to take with careful consideration. In any design and more so in web design, white space occupies an essential place because this is where the visitor’s find a place for visual relief and rest.  Creating white spaces around things and on the margins is a convention that designers follow. The utilization of white space leads to a minimalist design that is fast catching up. Unless the viewers’ eyes find some rest while remaining on the page, they would feel stressed, fatigued and bored.

Use of color

Colors impact the viewer’s psychology, and it can be a handy tool for web designers who can use it intelligently to evoke positive emotions that provide a feel-good factor to viewers. The color scheme of the website must include the colors that reflect the identity of the organization and not of the Baltimore office alone, and choose other colors according to the intent and context of the content on the page.

Blue, purple and green are cool colors that provide a relaxed but professional feeling that is inviting. Depending on the context, it can convey a sense that is cold and unfriendly too. Similarly, to convey a warm and soothing feeling, designers can choose red, orange and yellow that carries a touch of creativity. The same colors help to express stress, anger, and negative emotions but in a different context. Gray and its shades have a modern and slick appeal, but it can also turn uninviting and cold. Black, though generic, have a professional tone that is also clean while white is just unparallel in providing relief and openness albeit appearing dull in some instances.

Choice of typography

Engaging visitors on websites is all about playing on their emotions. To create the right feelings, you will find no better tool than the typography used in the design. Technology has opened the gates for thousands of typefaces that are now available, and web designers must know how to make the best use of it. Every typeface has specific use under specific circumstances that convey the spirit of the content, and it tells whether the underlying message is serious or casual.

The better the web designer realizes the psychology of design in WordPress themes, better would be the theme selection that takes forward the marketing initiatives.