LinkedIn is a valuable platform but you have to make sure you use the right methods in order to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks which will help you build personal brand on LinkedIn. These are simple, easy to follow and really efficient.

Maximizing personal profile will help

You personal profile on Linked In is your virtual resume and it have to look professional and complete. Your current position and your past position should be listed there as well as your education and tenure, if you’re a SEO professional, add your details to people know about you and your services . Also add a profile picture. You may also ask few of your acquaintances (that are on LinkedIn as well) to join you. Recommendations from professors, colleagues, employers etc are also valuable.

Make use of the research capabilities of LinkedIn.

Make sure you look up the profile of the person you intend to meet, get to know about their background and find out whether you know someone in common for a fast start. You can look up other people profiles on Linked in and see if you can get ideas for your own one. These are just few ways in which you can use the research capabilities on LinkedIn.

Answer those questions!

Under the ‘more’ menu (which is found on top navigation), there is a section named ‘answers’. On clicking this you will be able to see a really active community which is discussing various things such as Technology, Event Planning, Conferences and what not. This is a vital step which will assist you in building your personal brand on LinkedIn. You may join in the discussions and in case your answers are good, it will certainly help you by solving others queries.

Creating Linked In Groups

Linked In groups move is a pretty powerful one. When you create a group on linked in, you are the leader. This gives you the credibility as trusted advisor in the niche and the membership is under your control as well. Also you can make sure that your discussions are primary till you want them to be. However, you need to take up some responsibilities when you manage a linked in group like paying attention to those who are requesting for membership. It is advisable that you start by making fewer groups and try to manage them well before you make more.

Be a part of groups- Know your niche and customers

This will help you build your personal brand. Whatever your niche is you will find a number of groups related to it. All you have to keep in mind is to join the group which seems active. If you know what your niche is and what customers you want to target, finding suitable groups will not be a tough task after all.

Now that you know how to make the most out of LinkedIn while building your personal brand you can rest assure that this is really going to help you. If you know how to work your way through LinkedIn, opportunities for you are endless.  So get started right away and see what works for you best.


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