I use a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop which usually runs for 3 hours on Battery,but you will not believe but my Laptop will run more than 4 hours on Battery once it is fully charged. My friends usually ask for tips to increase Laptop Battery efficiency. Now I have decided to list some of the Basic Tips to increase the Battery Life for longer use. The More Tips you follow,you will definitely increase your battery efficiency.

Here are the List of Tips to Increase your Battery Efficiency-

1. Defrag your HDD regularly. The faster your hard disk will be,the less burden will be on your Battery. So defragment your HDD once in a month.

2. Avoid Playing games while running on battery , as they consume a large amount of Battery usage.

3. Use Original Adapters. If you are buying a new charger then you must check the Specifications before buying else it may damage the battery.

4. Remove CD / DVD when not in use. Spinning CDs also consume a lot of Battery.

5. Avoid charging Laptop repeatedly. Discharge the Battery fully and then Charge it. Recharging the partial discharged battery will hamper the battery life.

6. Mute Speakers when not in use. It will definitely increase your Battery life.

7. Deactivate the Screen Savers. It consumes a lot of battery, switching off increases battery efficiency.

8. Hibernate the laptop when required,don’t stand by. Putting the Laptop in Hibernate mode consumes almost no battery, but putting in Standby will slow down the CPU but will consume a lot of Battery.

9. Dim your LCD lights. Change the Power Setting and decrease your Brightness to increase Battery efficiency.

10. Keep the Air Vents clean and Open. If it gets blocked then it will generate more heat which will lead to battery exhaustion.

11. Don’t leave Laptop over direct sunlight. Direct heat will gradually decrease the battery life.

12. Close unnecessary Programs running in Background. Running Multiple files on Battery weakens the Battery. So use 1-2application while running on Battery.

13. Updates Softwares and Drivers regularly. This is because many updated versions consume less energy as compared to Older ones.

14. Unplug all the USB Devices when not in use. USB devices consumes a lot of battery. External Mouse / Keyboard consumes the most battery power.

15. Close the Anti-viruses , firewalls when you are not online. They become ideal when offline and consumes more battery unnecessarily.

16. Simply Disable the drive. Go to device manager, locate the CD drive (right mouse) disable !!! (it can be reversed easily when you do need it)

Hope you will follow some of these points because these are verified tips and I follow almost all of them regularly.


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