For every aspiring trader, starting out in the forex trading sector can seem intimidating. The barriers to entry and knowledge required can appear insurmountable to the untrained eye. Indeed, dealing with trading brokers, choosing the correct platforms, and learning how to manage your risk are all elements of the industry which require study and skill. Once you have learned the craft though, it can be a hugely rewarding pursuit. This is true both financially and emotionally. In this article we will help identify how you can get started with forex trading. More than just getting started, we will examine how you can be successful in your rise to the top of the forex trading industry.

Before Getting Started

The best way to start anything is with a plan. Forex trading is no different. This will establish a framework for your trading and become the foundation of your trading future.

Establish Your Expectations

It is key to identify what you want to achieve from forex trading before you begin. For most, this will be in the form of a financial figure. Weigh this expectation with the other variables such as your capital means and timeframe you desire in order to conclude the direction you will take in choosing your forex platform and broker. Each of these will have different advantages for different traders based on their objectives.

Choosing Your Forex Platform and Broker

Which forex brokers for beginners to choose is often one of the most difficult selections to make. To a certain extent this will also dictate the direction in which you move with your trades. You will want to ensure that the broker you choose is using a forex platform which is best suited to your needs as a trader. The simplest place you can begin your search for these attributes is by indulging in many forex trading reviews from other traders. Often, the most chosen forex brokers for beginners especially are among some of the top trading companies in the industry. This is simply due to the variety of options they offer to traders. A huge sandbox to work within.

During Trading

Now that you have selected the broker and forex platform which works best for you, it is time to get down to the business of trading. This is where you will make or break your future as a trader; therefore it is imperative to take on board these points to give yourself the best chances of success.

Maintain Your Strategy

Before you began trading, as part of your previously outlined planning phase, you will have studied a variety of top trading methodologies. You are certainly free to improvise slightly, adding your own stamp to these strategies. It is important however to maintain your consistency. The nature of the markets is that they will not always be in your favor. It is of vital importance that when these testing moments of doubt arise, you stick by your chosen (and proven) strategy.

Stay Informed

The news is the lifeblood of any successful trader. The forex market can change rapidly; therefore it is vital to keep abreast of the latest developments. There are a variety of excellent sources to choose from. is among the best in terms of unbiased forex broker reviews, up to the minute news and educational resources. The latter of these is also highly important, the journey of a forex trader is one on which you can never afford to stop learning.

After Trading

Analyze Your Performance

No matter how well you think you performed, there is always some areas for improvement as a trader. With that in mind, it is important that you conduct an honest review of your own performance. This will include areas of self-assessment; however, you should also employ the expectancy formula to your trades to form an objective picture of your success. The formula is calculated as follows:

E= [1+ (W/L)] x P – 1:

W = Average Winning Trade
L = Average Losing Trade
P = Percentage Win Ratio


Regardless of how you choose to trade, through following a few of these key points, planning ahead, selecting the best news sources to stay in touch with the market, and identifying the best place to trade forex which works for you, a strong foundation will have been established. This is the foundation which will see you become a success in forex market trading.