In the event that you are the parent of an autistic child or if you know an autistic child, then it is probable for you to be already aware of how difficult it gets for such children to go to bed and fall asleep as we do. There are lots of autistic children who face a lot of trouble in being able to sleep peacefully and quietly at night. However, this problem might be easily solved by using weighted blankets. In this article, you shall learn about using weighted blankets for making your autistic child peacefully.

How will weighted blankets function?

The essential hormone in the human body that lets it fall asleep easily is melatonin. When certain stimuli are produced in the human body, this hormone will get produced naturally. For example, there is another hormone known as serotonin which gets formed when people hug each other. This hormone will act as a relaxing agent, and it will make people feel good when it is released into the body. Melatonin is similar to this. The serotonin will get transformed into melatonin after sunset when it is time for the body to sleep. Melatonin will be naturally produced in the body during the night time, and it is vital for a good night’s sleep. If a child cuddles into a weighted blanket, then that blanket will help in increasing its production of melatonin and will allow the child to fall more naturally and easily to sleep.

Some of the other frequent uses of the weighted blankets

Besides the weighted blankets, you will also find available a lot of other weighted wraps that will be helpful to you when you travel in cars and when you take your children to school. They will also be available as lap blankets which children can consider to take to their classes. These will be really helpful to the children if they feel stressed out at their schools or in any other place out of their homes. They will be able to wrap themselves in the blanket to feel to get a feeling of calmness and security. Children with ADHD can also use them.

You can check out on the internet mainly about the best-weighted blankets and then decide on which one you would need to buy. You can get weighted blankets available in all offline and online stores. Online stores will offer you cheaper deals on these blankets than in the offline retail stores.


In the event that your child has autism and cannot go to bed peacefully, then you should consider giving him a weighted blanket. The weighted blankets are unique scientific based blankets that can help people who suffer from sleeping disorders fall asleep naturally and more peacefully.  These blankets will allow the body to feel more relaxed and then help in releasing certain hormones which will calm the body. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.