In today’s era, one cannot underestimate the importance of Instagram. It is exceptional, helping one in their personal as well as professional lives. It has been giving us unmatched results, for quite a few years now.

Instagram has got many aspects under its belt. It could be followers, likes, views and so much more. But among all, I always rank ‘likes’ above all. And that is because gaining more likes certainly implies that you have a high number of followers, but, a high number of followers does not really mean your posts will attract more likes.

All the more, it is a measure to analyze the efficacy of your content. It is a metric to check whether you are meeting your objectives and if your audience finds your matter relevant.

There is more than one way to boost your Instagram likes. But yes, you cannot just sit and think they would work all on its own, it requires sincere effort. And if you are ready to do that, we are ready to give you some quick tips for a head start:

Apply the right edit and filters

As said, ‘It’s all in the eyes!’ – and who would justify it better than Instagram? Your pictures on Instagram must be of top-notch, with high-class editing and re-editing (if required). Instagram boasts a lot of editing options on its interface, before posting – right from various adjustments to a series of filters, you can pick and choose whatever fits your picture the best. But if you want to climb a step higher, you can also edit your posts using different professional applications other than Instagram.

Think about your followers

Remember it is not just you, but your followers too! Isn’t everything about people in the end? – You need to be community-minded and practice techniques that work for the wellbeing of both of you – you and your followers. No, that does not mean you have to go to every follower’s page and double-tap. But, every now and then, you can follow back, comment, and like your follower’s posts. Once you do so, your followers start reciprocating and in turn, you gain more engagement and likes for your posts. Keep in mind that these little tokens of appreciation can take you a long way.

Ethically buy likes

If you are just starting your career on Instagram, life would be difficult. Keeping in mind that it is a tedious job and you have other things to look into, I suggest you buy real likes from authority websites so that you get a smooth head start on your Instagram journey. You must be thinking who in the world would be so generous and where would you find such generous providers? But if you research, you would. They certainly cost you an amount, but believe me, your investment at this stage would pay higher dividends in the future.

Just hashtag!

If you have ever underestimated the power of hashtags on your posts, I suggest you put some on your posts and then notice the change! Hashtags are literally a wind of followers. Instagram allows you to maximum use 30 hashtags on your post (if you use line breaks) so make the best use of it. Use Hashtags trending in your industry, all-time-favourite of your niche, the ones relevant to your content and likewise. The hashtags related to trending topics could help you potentially get viral. On the contrary, if you use non-popular ones, your post would get buried in the feed amidst the pool of posts from your competitors. Here’s an awesome guide on choosing the right hashtags on Instagram.

Craft dazzling captions

Captions too, like hashtags, are underrated and people are not willing to put effort into them. They are a great way to convey your thoughts and make people familiar with your posts and feelings. Your captions could be jokes, statements, poems or anything which suits the post. And if you just pay a little attention, it can reap your benefits you have never imagined – like add a wise CTA and the end of the caption to initiate user activity or use emoticons to connect more on a human level and so on.

Before, I take a leave, remember people sitting on the other end of the screen want to know they are talking to real people and not robots! So sit down on a personal level, and then schedule your posts – it will surely attract your target segment and increase the follower count.