Whether it's an upgrade or a new fitting, the importance of choosing a right flow meter for your
premise cannot be gainsaid. There is no one-size- fits-all meter for every job. It is important to see
beyond the salesman antics and go for what you want. All of them will claim to be the best, but are
Whether you're a homeowner or a tenant, choosing the right meter could be your way of saving big
bucks on water bills. For a tenant, you should read the terms of the lease and ask for the permissions
to make modifications to your plumbing.
The ultimate meter should give quality service at a fair price. Meters are convenient devices which
require lots of keenness when choosing one. Their immense specialty is a consequence of them
being able to quantify usage or supply of a commodity. Unmetered connections were a thing some
years ago but the need for accountability and proper resource management have made them a
must-have for any locality. Meters have been used for a variety of purposes starting from water
supply to gasoline supply, to chemical movement and quality assurance.
Given its importance, this article aims at helping in the conundrum of choosing the perfect meter for
your needs. Some of the factors you should consider are listed below.
Flow rate
The flow rate is the usable volume/mass of the liquid passing through the pump per unit time. This is
very important if the meter is for industrial use or for a big household. A small flow rate means
pressure at the tap/endpoint is very low and can make for a bad experience. Users with knowledge
of what mass flow rate to velocity is can take advantage of the continuity equation to ascertain
whether a flow meter is capable of that flow rate.
Fluid pressure
A flow meter should be able to handle the pressure of the fluid without it interrupting its working
mechanism. A magnetic flow meter is an example of such a meter as it does not use physical
apertures to determine flow rate. Materials such as cast iron cannot withstand high
pressures/temperatures. Consider a well-built, reliable flow meter crafted from sturdy materials
such as aluminum or stainless steel.
The golden rule with money is to accept nothing less than your money's worth of service. Scrimping
on a flow meter with simplistic tech and materials might end up costing you a lot in repair and
maintenance. This does not mean that the price has to be bonkers for it to make sense. Invest in a
flow meter that will give massive volumetric efficiency and length of service. Initial purchase price is
only but a tip of the iceberg. The installation costs and the infrastructure needed to operate should
also be considered.
The operating conditions
An ideal flow meter should be able to operate in all conditions. Consider conditions such as optimal
operating temperature, user-friendliness, type of fluids, and accuracy requirement in the selection of
a flow meter. Also, inquire about its behavior when the conditions change suddenly, e.g. expansion
or contraction under temperature change.

Choose the meters by analyzing the features pragmatically. Read online reviews, call support,
inquire about warranties and above all the quality of the build. Form a visceral connection with an
expert in the field and use their expertise to get yourself a good deal.
Violet Spenceris a physicist and is passionate about magnetic flow meter. She spends her time
mentoring students and developing her career. Her continued use of these meters makes her best
suited to write and provide advice on issues to do with them. Click here to read more.