You have started a new business and in order to grab a substantial market share in short time, you have decided to build a new website for promotional purpose. You have also hired a website developer for designing your site. Sometimes, issues arise when you purchase expired domain. It may happen that the previous domain owner has chosen the legal route for reclaiming his or her expired domain. Therefore, you should conduct the following checks before purchasing expired domains.

Expired domains can no doubt bring good results for your business in short time. However, legal issues may surface sometimes. You should know the tricks of finding expired domains safely.

What Happens If You Blindly Purchase Domain Names?

Many domain names share close relationship with corporate houses. You may have to pay penalty if you own those domain names. In some cases, the concerned person of the company may forget to renew those domain names.You may even land up in deep soup when you buy expired domain names. You need to conduct a research to find whether the expired domain bears any trademark. If you want to stay away from legal hassles, you need use portals that provide information on trademarks.

What Should Be Done to Keep Your Business Running?

It is challenging to trace the actual owner of a domain name before it gets expired. However, with the required online tools and procedures, you can find details about the expired domain name. If you are searching for the right procedures to find details of previous ownership of expired domain, you can use these following procedures.

How to Find Expired Domains? Take Help of Google

You should open Google and check cache status of expired domain names. Google deploys spider technology for maintaining cache directory of websites. You can always access a cached copy of web domains and expired domains.

With the help of Google, you can know if the expired has any trademark, which you wish to purchase. In the Google’s search engine box, you need to type the URL of the expired domain and ensure that you are checking the cached copy.

Use Alexa

You can visit Alexa where you can find a database containing information on scores of websites. You can find details such as ownership, link popularity, traffic, rakings, ratings, etc.

Use Link Reputation Checking Tools

You can learn more about expired domains by using link popularity checking tools. You have to select a link popularity checking website and type the URL of the expired domain. With this you can check the links against the expired domain name. Finally, you can gather some online references that are related to the expired domains.

While checking an expired domain, you would find results with numerical indications. Higher value shows that the expired domain was active previously. Zero value indicates that the domain did not have any activity.

However, there are some limitations of using link popularity checking sites. You may face challenges for gathering information on quality of these links. A few links may be associated with some domains. Some links are good as they are associated with high quality websites. Carrying out the comparison task with a few links may not give accurate results.

These are the methods with which you can check details of expired domains. You need to deploy these methods with precaution because some data extracted may provide misleading results. Checking details of expired domain name is crucial because using it blindly for second time may fall you in trap of legal issues. Do not purchase expired domain names that carry trademarks. Before purchasing domain name, you should also conduct background check of the domain name provider.

Author Bio – Russell Rose is into domain name business. He helps clients to select unique domain names. He often writes blog posts on how to find expired domains.