Erica of the movie “The Social Network” said that, “The internet isn’t written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink. ” This means that anything posted and written on the internet will never be removed and deemed permanent. With the help of social media, posting can be so easy and convenient.


When posting some personal information, other sites may also ask for permission to share it on your behalf. In this manner, any post can become viral and tracking will be quite impossible. With the advancement in technology, it is very crucial to protect your privacy and security online. Here are some of the important things that a responsible online user should not do:

Videos of Other People’s Children

Videos of children can be really funny and enjoyable; however, make sure that you have asked for permission if the children don’t belong to you. When posting videos of children, think and consider them as your own. Always think about the feelings of the parents if they will see their children online without an idea on who posted it. Think of what you will feel it the video shows your children instead.

Spam Posts Regarding Policies in Social Media

Every now and then, spam and fraudulent information come out from the internet. Before posting an update about Facebook, Google and other sites, make sure to check its validity and credibility. Posting rumors and fraudulent information is not helpful; rather, it can make the situation even worst and confusing for other online users.

Complaints About Work

Generally, complaining is not a good attitude and this also applies with work-related complaints. There is a law applicable for this attitude and employers can file a lawsuit against you that will leave you unemployed. Be careful in posting some information on sensitive topics like calling in sick, emergency leave and company violations.

Details about Your Vacation or Leisure Time

Vacation with your family should always be a memorable time for all of you. It is a normal reaction to be excited, but posting the exact details should never be done. When you post the exact location and date of your vacation, it is like announcing to the burglars that they are welcome into your house. If you can’t help yourself to share the fun you had, do it after.

Personal Details

Any kind of personal information should never be shared online. Some of this information includes your full name, birthday, birthplace, address and more. Remember that this information can be used for fraudulent activities, so we should always keep them private.

Pictures Prohibited to Parents and Bosses

If you are a minor and not yet allowed to drink, never post your images taken while enjoying a bottle of tequila with friends. This also applies at work, so do not post images that may ruin your career. Always remember that enemies can use these photos against you.

Update of Your Current Location

The idea of posting your actual location can be very dangerous though many apps can now do this easily. This information can be used by predators and burglars to determine your whereabouts. Nowadays, gadgets can be very hi-tech but it can also put your life and your family at risk.

Above are just some of the privacy safeguards that online users must strictly observe. You have the right to enjoy what technology can offer, but always prioritize your safety, privacy and security because you’ll never know what others may choose to share.

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