Most of the famous Personalities, Stars, even Bloggers Register Domains of their Own name. Its not a big deal. You can also buy your Own Domain name at a very low price. Now a days every blogger have atleast one personal domain name. This means you should also Book a Personal Domain name.

Here are some reason for which I think you should book your own personal domain name-

Someone else may take it-

Do you want that someone else will have your Domain name.? If no this is the most important fact for which you should have your a Personal Domain. If the Domain is like then you must register it RIGHT Now. If you are lucky and have a unusual name then you can easily register the domain name.

You can have the best Email Address Ever-

It doesnt look professional when its or . If you will have a domain as then it looks really awesome and it will be the best domain for you in the World. If you find then book it and make it Then if someone will ask you your email address then simply tell its me at my surname fot com. Sounds Cool.

How to Setup a Professional Branded Email Address

You will need it for Personal branding-

Now a days most of the Businesses have websites which earlier was offices. As you are the Owner of the Business you will need a Business card like at . If you also one have a Business , you can make it as a Resume and can impress while Applying for a Job. If you will have then you can easily make it in the front page of Google and you can easily control your results.

Its very cheap (only domain costs)-

If you want to manage all these things easily and cheapest way then you can manage then using Blogger and Tumblr as the Hosting provider. You dont need to worry about your file security and all as they provide all of them. You can make subdomains also as use it at different places as as tumblr blog, as flickr or picasa photos.

If you bought a Personal domain then write your Expirience below.