Almost every time while I create a PowerPoint presentation, I am always bothered by revisions and modifications to it by my clients. Previously, I had to open both files and compare, slide to slide which is a strenuous and boring task – Moreover the all new ‘Compare’ allowed me to become an expert in proof reading and detecting visual differences.

First Open your PowerPoint Presentation, click the Review tab from, then the button Compare .A window appears which allows you to browse your hard drive to select the second presentation file for comparison.

Select the presentation, simply click on Merge.

A window will appear with several small icons indicating/highlighting where there are differences between files, opening the Reviewing Pane gives you a exhaustive list of all changes.

In the upper portion of the Reviewing Pane (# 1 above), you will have a list of changes to the current slide. The lower portion (# 2) gives you a list of all changes to all the slides in the presentation. And for those who prefer a visual comparison, click the Slides in the top of the Reviewing Pane

To Apply all the changes, select a slide and browse to the review tab, You can click on Accept button to either   Accept single Change, Accept changes to the current slide or accept changes to the whole presentation.

You can use the Reject function to reject and revert the changes In the similar way (Accept single Change, Accept changes to the current slide or accept changes to the whole presentation.}

You might find it bit confusing at first, but once you get used to it, you won’t bother proof-reading each line once again which could save you literally hours.

Author Bio: Prakash is a social media manager at leading I.T Firm. He frequently creates several Business PowerPoint Presentations and created his own PPT Blog 

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