We used to download Nokia applications from Nokia OVI Store from our mobile and it took more time and we are unable to send it from bluetooth. Now I am going to tell you a trick in which you can download your OVI application directly in your PC/Laptop.

  1. VisitĀ http://store.ovi.com and login or if you dont have account them make one for free.
  2. Choose your required application from the list or search the application.
  3. Select the application.
  4. Click on “Send to friend” button in the right side.
  5. On the next page just change “send-to-friend” to “download” and hit enter.
  6. Thats it.

Example – While downloading Snaptu the url isĀ http://store.ovi.com/content/1611/send-to-friend, here just change “send-to-friend” to “download” and the URL becomes “http://store.ovi.com/content/1611/download“. After hitting enter it will start downloading.


So from today dont download from mobile and start downloading from PC and share it easily.


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