Till date Windows XP is the Most Popular and Most Widely used Operating System in the World. There are a lot of Tweaks and Tricks to Customize Windows XP. Previously I have posted about how to transform to Ubuntu , Tango Phoneand Christmas Theme . By using Windows XP you can the Feel and Look of Windows 8 easily. It is just a theme developed by hameddanget@deviantart.com .

There are a Lot of Features such as Windows 8 Shell , Icons , Logo , Login and Boot Screen , Live Titles , Share bar and Start Screen Too. It mave so many frature that it looks like an exact copy of Windows 8 Developer Preview.

To install you have to make a Restoration Point so that you can recover back when you need. Download the theme from the link given below . Thats it everything will be installed automatically and after a reboot you can get the New Look of youw Windows XP.

If it doestnt Work on you Windows XP pc then it may be due to hardware Limitations.

Link to Download-

Windows XP to Windows 8

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