You must have read my Post regaeding How to Lock a Folder using Notepad . But now I an doing to tell you about the trick which you can create an Invisible folder. You can make a folder such that no one can see nither the name noe the Image of the folder.

Here is the Trick-

1. Click on Start and search for Character Map by searching ” charmap ” .

2. Open Character Map and click on the blank column.

3. Now click on Select Button and then click on the Copy Button ( Now we have copied a blank Space )

4. Create a New Folder and Rename it and press Ctrl+V keys from the Keyboard.

5. Right Click on the Folder > Properties > Customize > Change Icon.

6. Now search for a blank icon symbol.


Now click on Ok and save it. Thats it..

Now you have made an Invisible folder. Remember the Area where you have created and save your secret files here.


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