Google is the Best Search Engine Ever made and its Searching Algorithms and Search Result Page design also changes regularly. I dont know when , but today I came to know that we can change the number of Results one page will show you in Google while searching.

In Google Setting you can change the Number of Search Results to be Displayed from 10 till 100. You can display at max of 100 Results in a Single Page just doing a Simple Change in the Google Setting.

How to Display 100 Google Search Results in Single Page

First Visit the Search Page and you will find the Gear Button. Click on it and Goto Search Setting page of the site.

Now Turn off the Instant Search setting but clicking on the Never Show Instant Search and Dragging the Result button to 100 and saving the Setting.

Thats it. You are done . Now when you search any term in Google you will find 100 Results per page.


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