Till Now most of the Indian Mobile and Internet users do not have Internet Connection on their Mobiles. Till date they rely on cheap or free SMS updates to walk them through. Now get free Emails update on your phone . I am going to tell you the Trick.

All you need is a account in  WAY2SMS .


1. Make an account in way2sms .verify yourself and login to your customer dashboard.


2. Now Click on the “Go To Older Version” in the top right Corner Of the screen.

3. Now Click on the “Mail Alerts” on the top right section of the page.

4. Now your Forwarding Email ID will be displayed in the Screen. Now you have your Email ID which will look like –  xxxxxxxx@way2sms.com

5. Config Your Email Id so that you can receive email in your mobile.

Configuring the Mail

1. Click on the Top Right of the mail and Click on the mail Setting.

2. Click on settings & then click on ‘FORWARDING/POP/IMAP’ option.

3. Select ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to” option & Enter your Way2SMS Email IDxxxxxxxx@way2sms.com there.

4. Gmail sends a verification code to xxxxxxxx@way2sms.com.

5. You will receive Gmail confirmation mail alert on your mobile with subject line containing confirmation code.

6. Copy and paste the verification code in Gmail verification box. Click On Verify.


Thats it.. Now You can Receive your Email in your Mobile.

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