Whenever you use Internet at a Cafe you must always be as secure as possible because most of the time your Data and History is saved in Computer which you have used. Data in the since your passwords, login infos, credit card info etc and History means the list of sites which you have visited earlier. You will never want others to know all those information about you but computers does save these data in the Hard-disk.

Here I am telling you the Ultimate solution of this Problem.

Whenever you use any friends computer or any computer at cafe them remember to use Private Browsing (Firefox, opera and safari) or Incognito mode (Chrome) or Inprivate Mode (Internet Explorer) which never saves any of your Information and deletes all of them when you close the browser.

Lemme show you how to do that-

Chrome (Incognito mode)-

In chrome you can do secure browsing by changing it into Incognito Mode. To do that simply click [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + N button . It will start the private Browsing.

Firefox (Private Browsing)-

In firefox you have to goto menu and click on the Start Private Browsing Option or simply [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + P which will let you browse in Private mode.

Internet Explorer (InPrivate Browsing)-

In Internet Explorer you have to switch to Inprivate Browsing. To do that Simply click on [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + P

Opera (Private Browsing)-

In opera you can start private browsing by clicking on [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + N . This will enter you into the Private browsing.

Safari (Private Mode)-

In Safari you can goto the Private Browsing mode by clicking on Setting and Choosing Private browsing Button.
If you use any method then it will definitely help you to secure your Web Presence.