This is the Most Popular trick which is used commonly by the People. Sometimes after formating your Computer you can find a Recovery Drive or any other Unused drive which can be seen from My Computer. Here you want to Hide or Remove the Drive from this List. Here I want to tell you about a Simple Command Promt Trick using which you can hide any Drive easily with a minimum number or Steps.

To do this you do not need any Regeditor or any Software. You can do just using the Command Prompt Only.

Steps to Hide a Drive of a Computer

1. Goto ‘Start‘ -> ‘RUN’ and Type ‘Diskpart’ without the Quotes.
2. There write ‘list volume’ without Quotes. Now the List od Drives available will be shown in the Screen.

3. Now Type the name of the Drive which you want to remove. If I want to remove the Software Drive then type “remove letter E“.
Thats it now you will not find your Drive in your My Computer.
In order to get the Drive back Follow Step 1 and 2 and then type “Assign letter E“.

Enjoy. 🙂

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