The beautiful Windows 8 is finally available at a very reasonable and lucrative price. If you’ve upgraded your system to Windows 8, you probably have noticed that apart from start menu and hot-corners, there are various little changes happened around especially at Windows 8 Desktop. A similar major change that probably everyone has noticed is the unavailability of “my computer” shortcut on desktop.  In windows 7, we are able to add that shortcut on desktop by going to start menu, right clicking the My Computer Field and by clicking “Show on Desktop” option. But there’s no such start menu in Windows 8. In fact, similar things have changed a lot around Windows 8 and all those tricks that you were using in Windows 7 may or may not work in Windows 8.  So how will you show the “My computer” in Windows 8 Desktop? Well, over the due course of this article we’ll be discussing you the same and help you in placing a “My Computer” shortcut on Desktop.

For adding “My Computer” shortcut on your Windows 8 Desktop, follow the below steps:

windows 8

windows 8 1

windows 8 2

windows 8 3

windows 8 4

In the similar manner you can add Control panel shortcut, Network shortcut and lot of more.


For showing Desktop Icon on Metro UI, follow the below steps:

Tip: For minimising all windows at once and directly jump to desktop you can press: Win + D

So there you go guys! Finally we’ve guided you to place a “My Computer” icon at the Windows 8 Desktop.  If you liked the article, do share it with your friends. And if you have a similar trick, let us know through comments.

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