When I was in my 11th Standard , while studing about Email my Sir said me that Disadvantage of Email is that you cannot Undo a Email after it is Sent. I have remembered that point till now. But now I got surprised to know that We can “Undo a┬áSent Email” in Gmail. I didnt believed about it unless I have seen that in my own eyes.

About the “Undo Send” Feature-
In gmail if you have enabled this New Lab Feature then you can easily Undo any send msg within a moment after sending the email. That means you can withdraw a send Email immidiately after sending.
This feature is useful when you have accidentally clicked on the SEND button or when you send a mail and you cane to know that you forgot to attach something.

How to Enable “Undo Sent” Feature –
In Gmail, Goto Setting > Labs and search for Undo Sent . Just enable it save the settings. Thats it. Now ehrn you send amy Email , after sending you will get a small msg as “Your Email Has been sent.” and beside that “Undo” option will be there by

clicking you can undo your Sent mail.

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