Most of us use Shift + Delete to delete files from your computer fully without sending it to Recycle Bin. By default many of us do this . Even I also do so. But sometimes we accidentally delete some files accidentally from the computer, or imagine you have given your Pendrive or memory card to your friend and he accidentally deleted some files, images , videos , music . So what to do?

Actually when we delete a file from any divide then the content of the files are not removed . Only a pointer to the file in the file system table is deleted. It stays in the computer until you copy something else in that device. We can recover that file too.

If any file is deleted from a device then do not copy / delete / make changes so that the old file will be as it is. For example don’t take any picture from a memory card of you have accidentally deleted any file else the new picture will override the old picture which was deleted.

To recover Deleted files you need to download a copy of a Software by Piriform named as Recuva. Download the file from the link given below. After installing Recuva, run the application and you have to select the drive you want to scan for deleted files. After selecting the Drive just click on the scan , that’s it now it will scan for the deleted files from the Device and will list the deleted files.

After the scan you will find the list of files which was deleted from the device. The files those are Green Marked can be recovered and the Yellow and red marked have been overwritten and cannot be recovered anymore. You can recover those files back by clicking on the Recover button and selecting the location you want to save it.

Now you have recovered your files.

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