Now a days Browsers come with many features. Browsers are so productive that you can even run an Operating System using a Browser. A few days ago while experimenting I got a New Simple and Awesome Method to run Video and Audio files using a Browser.


Lets imagine that you have formatted your Computer and you don’t have any A/V Player to run Videos or your VLC or any other player have been crushed. In that case if you want to see any video or run any audio file then this method will work for you. This method will not work in Internet Explorer.

There is a Single method to Do this any Browser-

Open the Browser (Firefox/Chrome/Opera). After that click on Crtl + O to open the “open dialogue box” . Now select the Video or Audio file you want to Play and click on Open . That’s it. Now you can run your Video from the browser without any Distraction.

There is a Limitation in this method that you cannot create a Playlist or you cannot combine multiple songs. You have to select songs one after another to play one by one.