There is a War of Browsers, Mobile Phones, gadgets everything you see. But now there is a War of ADs on Websites. I think you didnt understood. Lemme explain you.

Some months ago when I was using FB on my Laptop using Mobile Data my Friend Suggested me to use AdBlock Extension which usually block ads on browser which saves Internet Data, Speedup page loading and gives a Clear look of the data we search. This was very helpful for me. After that I suggested others to use the same plugin to others.

Now Millions and Millions of users are using Adblock to Block ads on their sites. Many Website owners and Bloggers earn through Ads only. When these adblocker block the ads there come the drop in the income of Bloggers.

Yesterday I saw a WordPress Plugin named as WordPress Anti ADs Blocker, (Anti ADs Blocker for non WP) which helps developer to BLOCK Ads for those users who are using ADBlocking Plugins.

Here are the Features:


So This is the WAR Between ADBLOCKER EXTENSION and ANTI ADBLOCKER plugin. Hope you Enjoy.