Some times while using Google Chrome, we need to open some page in new tab. So we do right click in the link and click on the “Open link in the new tab” option. But sometimes accidentally we click over the option “Open in new window option” .

Here is the solution for that problem. Just install a Chrome Extension and click over it to combine all your chrome windows.

The name of the extension is JoinTabs. It Combines all Chrome tabs in separate windows into a single window.

- Added option to create user exceptions to not merge automatically, when "Combine new windows immediately" is checked, some URLs inserted by user
To eliminate a user exception move the mouse over the URL in the list and click on the X icon on the right
Attention: the URL of a user exception has to be the exactly URL you find in the adress bar for example: if you add an exception for "" it is wrong because when you type "" in adress bar you are redirected to "" so the rigth exception URL is ""
- Added option to not merge windows created dragging a tab out of a window
- Added option to select the last tab (usually the only tab) of merged window, when "Combine new windows immediately" is checked
- Added option to active shortcut CTRL + m, that you can use instead of clicking the icon
- Added option to not merge automatically New Tab

To download this Extension Click here – JOINTABS.


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