How to Get Rid Of Facebook Ads [Chrome Extension]

Do you like the facebook ads which is in the right panel? I think your answer will be no. My friend said that he will but a piece of paper in the right side of his laptop so that he can never watch those ads and all those useless stuffs.

Do u want to make your Facebook look like this.

Now I am going to tell you about something in which you can solve this problem. There is an chrome extension named as Facebook Clear. You can install this extension in order to remove all those useless stuffs from the rightside panel of your Facebook page.

Here are the list of some Features about this extension-

  • It removes all the useless ads.
  • It makes the navbar fixed at the top, just like twitter for better navigation so that you dont have to go up everytime you need to check notifications, inbox,  or profile.
  • It adds reflection effect to the pictures using CSS3, hence making the viewing experience better.
  • Makes the photo thumbnails round, like the iPhone icons.
  • Makes the ugly new photo viewer a lot prettier.
  • Makes overall facebook faster.

Click here to Install the Extension- Facebook Clean


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