Google Chrome is a Widely used browser and as in Stats in May 2012 “Google Chrome is the Best browser in India , Asia and WorldWide”  . Being a Product of Google definitely it has many different unique features and Thousand of Free Extensions , Themes and Customizations too.’

Have you ever Checked the Windows Task Manager while using Chrome Browser?

It Starts many Processes when the Browser Starts and all the Extensions installed are automatically started when the Browser starts and makes the Browser and Computer run Slow. You need to manually disable or Enable them to Increse the Speed.

Recently I came across a Etension named as One-Click Extension Manager.

It is really an Helpful Extension using which you can Disable any Extension you are using in your Browser. When you install this , it will disable all the Extensions and will allow you to Choose the one you want to Enable or disable. You can Simply Disable all our Extensions by Single click on the Disable all Extension button.

Download the Extension from Here –

One-Click Extensions Manager

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