Do you want to remove the ads in the right/top/buttom panel when you open any mail in gmail.? If yes then here is the solution.

Now you can Removes all the ads present in Gmail™ (top/right/bottom) and puts in place diverse changes for a better user experience.

Ad Remover for Gmail™ is the only Extension out there that removes completely all the ads you can find in Gmail and does much more:

✔  No ads at the top of your inbox, i.e. web clips
✔  No ads at the right of your message
✔  No ads at the bottom of your message
✔  No Google Products/Services ads in the footer
✔  Email gets highlighted when mouse over
✔  Use the space left by ads to give you more room to read/write your messages
✔  "Expand All" / "Collapse All" Conversations functionality
✔  Hide Invite a Friend Field

Now use Gmail without any ads and load the pages little faster.

To Download click here “Ad Remover for Gmail™”

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