Online classified sites are gaining tremendous popularity these days, as they have been proved extremely beneficial, especially for small companies and individual professionals who offer products or services that are specialized in nature and need regular advertisements of detailed nature, explaining everything about their offerings. For example, services like pets care, used vehicles sales-purchase, apartment rentals, jobs recruitment, tax consultancy, tutoring etc require detailed explanation about the services offered and a small business or an individual cannot afford to advertise such a business in a detailed manner regularly in a traditional advertising medium other than an online platform. A traditional advertising medium could be too expensive for a small business owner.    

Thus, these types of service providers need an easily accessible and effective advertising tool to reach their potential customers. And in today’s internet age, online free classified sites have emerged as a viable option to promote product and service offerings in absolutely free and effective manner. You cannot just rely on word of mouth or people’s referrals to help spread your business when such a veritable tool is available on the internet to help expand your customer base.

You can choose any reputed online classified site such as OLX and start advertising your products or services. There are several reasons which make OLX a preferable choice for business owners and professionals in India. The foremost of them is the ease and simplicity of placing your ads on the site and increasing your visibility in the online world. Moreover, it gives you a complete control on your advertisements and you can change and modify the content anytime you wish to. This flexibility is a desirable feature for any business owner who often feels the need of adding new specifications, revising prices and so on. If you are new to the online world or want to advertise your business for free on OLX, the info provided here will guide you for free ads posting.

First of all, you need to log on to You need to create your FREE account by simply filling their registration form properly with your details. Once you create your account, you become eligible for posting your free ads on the site. However, for posting your ads, you need to workout on several things such as content for your product description, product images etc. Keep all images ready that can showcase your product in the most illustrative manner. If you are trying to sell something with lots of technical features, you can include a video as well that can explain everything about the product. OLX allows you to add images and videos for your ads to be showcased in a presentable and convincing manner.

You can think to be more creative and choose a tagline that can appear catchy and draw the attention of the visitors. Remember, OLX draws huge web traffic and just a small fraction of it will mean a huge business prospect for you. So, don’t forget to include keywords, tags etc that are the key to draw the traffic which is already present on the site.

You need to be more intelligent in selecting your keywords. Find out a set of most relevant keywords in your product niche. You can take the help of Google Keyword Analysis Tool and can find the most competitive keywords relevant to your business. Include the most relevant one in your Advertisement Title and sprinkle others in the description content. Your keywords must blend into the content and should not appear to be stuffed unnecessarily. Preview your ad and see if it looks attractive and convincing. Thereafter, hit the publish button and your ad will be there on OLX.

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