A Present Everything is tried to Shift Online, so as Studies is also needed to be Online as ebooks are ecofriendly and Low Cost.

For that Attano.com provides interactive eBooks that can be accessed on PC , tablets and even SmartPhones .

You can access different books ranging from PerSchool to Higher Education including CBSE, ICSE , Maharastra and Karnataka Board. You can find different books including Enggineering, Business, Computer Science, BioMedical, Physics , Chemistry, Maths, Humanities and Many Other. Any yes as these books are not free you have to pay some amount that Ranges from Rs15 till 200. Once you have purcheased you can read that. You can even select your Reading Alyout i.e Single Page Style or Book Style.

You can Highlight , add notes and can even create Doodle and can save it which you can find in mydata.

There are also Educational Videos, Audios, and you can connect to Other Attano Users and Interact with them easily.

A must Visit Website for Students.

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